Mexico to Munich by Daniela Jauregui

up comming in July 2020

Tulum, Yucatan, Mexico,

some magical words that don’t necessarily belong together…

but if you have the chance to be there you might get an idea of what the word „jungle“ is related to.

Okay…. you have to leave the coast with it’s party drunk people and their so called hippie livestyle than no real human being can afford or the cheap Disneyland versions of Mexico, but if you find your way to the community of SacBe, you suddenly end up in a jungle where a group of people try to resist and subsist in harmony with the nature around them.

There Stano Cerny and Daniela Jauregui have created their house, their home and I am very pleased not only to have met these wonderful people but also to be able to show some of their work that has traveled 9.000 km from the jungle to Munich.